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Project Description
A set of user controls that display images in various ways.

Welcome to the ImageViewer Control Library project.


First, let me introduce myself. I am bloodsplatter, the founder of the project.
At the time of writing I am an 18-year old student from Belgium.
I am mostly new to C# and WPF but I have considerable experience in Visual Basic .NET (since VB8).
I thought of this project as a fun little thing to do with some of my spare time and to gather and display WPF/C# skills.

The project

This project is aimed at making a WPF Control Library that deals with displaying images.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Right now the project consists of only 1 User Control: the PolaroidImage control.
As the name implies this control can display any picture (that can be displayed by WPF's Image control) as a polaroid image.
Because this is the first version the style is very rudimentary.
Below the image is a textbox so the users can create a caption.

The Visual Studio solution contains 2 projects: the ImageViewerCL (CL stands for Control Library) project and the ImageViewer project.
The ImageViewer project is a small app that is included so you can easily and rapidly test any changes made to the controls.

User submissions

You are free to submit any and all ideas related to the project.
Experienced C# and WPF developers are also welcome (I am not an experienced developer).

Currently "hiring" :P

Currently we are looking for someone with skills regarding performance in WPF and C# to optimize the code.


I am also always open to learn new and cool stuff. I realise that I do not have some sort of uber experience.
So if you think I'm doing something the wrong way and you now a better way, I welcome you to let me now in a constructive and mannered conversation.

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